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About Eduardo Berliner

Born: 1978, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Lives and works in Rio de Janeiro


2000: BA Industrial Design / Visual Communication, Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Rio de Janeiro - PUC/ RJ
2003: MA Typography, University of Reading, UK

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Eduardo Berliner

Practice: painting

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 Although this gifted young Brazilian is still less well known internationally than he deserves, the stature of Eduardo Berliner's painting is recognised throughout Latin America, where he has received several major prizes and is highly coveted by collectors.

If it's hard to hold back the superlatives when confronted with the best of his work, Berliner's output is far from stylistically homogenous or, perhaps, equally successful.

For us at least, an on-off dalliance with near-literal representation lacks the spine-tingling verve of his more fanciful output, although such fluctuation reflects the inevitable experimentation of a still-evolving practice.

While all Berliner's painting exudes unmistakeable star quality, one of his major strengths lies in perfectly resolved gesture and a disquietingly surrealist edge.

Other artists can do no-frills objectivity; few can compete with his mesmerising mindscapes.

Added July 2011

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