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About Emil Holmer

Born: 1975, Karlstad, Sweden

Lives and works in Berlin, Germany


1996 - 1997: Nordiska Konstskolan, Nordic School of Art, Karleby, Kokkolla, Finland
2002: Master of Fine arts from the Academy of Arts in Umeå, Sweden
2003: Guest student at U.D.K, Berlin, Klasse Tony Cragg

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Emil Holmer

Practice: painting

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 Swedish artist Emil Holmer is currently based in Berlin - and it shows. His dirtily expressive canvases have a rough-edged quality that's generally lacking in the work of his stay-at-home compatriots, while artistic influences gleaned directly from his adopted home-town include André Butzer and Bjarne Melgaard. In fact, Holmer's painting has, at times, skirted close to genericism, the work of a follower rather than a leader.

Close, but not that close. Holmer has always managed to assert a certain individuality, and with recent output visibly distanced from more derivative past production, signs of a robustly idiosyncratic voice are becoming clearer than ever.

While still strongly emblematic of the Berlin art scene, Holmer's newer accent on pictorial poise over frantic energy makes for highly satisfying art.

Added Jan 2012

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