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About Flemming Ove Bech

Born: 1982, Aalborg, Denmark

Lives and works in New York


2006: The Danish School of Art Photography
2009: Certificate Program in General Studies, International Center of Photography

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Flemming Ove Bech

Practice: photography

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 In terms of sheer creativity, photography is enjoying one of its finest moments for many years - and let's face it, there's plenty of exceptional talent fuelling such a renaissance.

So what singles out Danish-born, New York based Flemming Ove Bech for inclusion on artbroth?

We're attracted, first and foremost, by the directness of his gaze - an uncluttered, unremittingly forensic vision which (rather refreshingly) eschews the self-referential tendencies of recent years and simply gets on with the job of wresting great images from an almost pedestrian world of experience.

Not that there's no room for the kitsch, conceptually clever or experimental in Ove Bech's generally rather aloof, even oddly uneasy oeuvre, but his great gift is to convince us that his pristine focus on the commonplace really matters.

Added July 2012

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