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About Greta Alfaro

Born: 1977, Pamplona, Spain

Lives and works in London, UK


2009 - 2011: Royal College of Art, London
2002 - 2003: Randolph-Macon Woman's College. Fine Art Department, Virginia, USA
2001: BA in Fine Arts. Universidad Politécnica de Valencia, Spain.

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Greta Alfaro

Practice: video, multidisciplinary

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 While Greta Alforo's video works can almost appear too bluntly metaphorical, they certainly make for spectacular viewing.

The Spanish artist's interests in the darker sides of human nature are transposed into quintessential 'beast within' docu-dramas, the feeding frenzies of vultures and wild boar providing a literal display of untamed impulse.

The twist lies in the unlikely spoils on which they gorge: an elegantly arranged banquet or prettily decorated 'cake' encourage an anthropomorphist take on the unfolding chaos in which negative figurative associations with 'vulture', for example, pack a newly contextualised punch.

Collaged works in which food and its preparation morph into sexually-charged meat platters are, like the video pieces, essentially one-liners, but lack their emotive force and seem banal in comparison.

For now, it's Alforo's promise as a filmmaker that provokes the real interest.

Added Nov 2010

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Artist's statement:

I work about the hidden and the unexpected. We live our lives governed by rules created in order to control chaos and vulnerability, but I am interested in the facts we try to hide or repress ...

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