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About Ulrike Theusner

Born: 1982, Frankfurt/Oder, Germany

Lives and works in Germany


2008: Diplom Bauhaus Universität Weimar
2005 -2008: Erasmus Stipendium und anschließendes Studium an der Ecole des Beaux Art "Villa Arson" Nice
2002: Freie Kunst Studium an der Bauhaus Universität Weimar

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Ulrike Theusner

Practice: painting, drawing, etching

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 We'll confess to being slightly divided by the work of young German artist Ulrike Theusner, and for once, unable to reach a unanimous decision regarding its inclusion in artbroth.

Nevertheless, all selectors were hugely impressed by individual works (though different ones in every case) and some feel that Theusner could make it very big indeed.

Perhaps one of the difficulties in pinning down her practice stems from its huge range of influences and echoes, resulting in works which skirt pastiche, but ultimately (in most cases) convince on their own terms.

The grotesque and carnivalesque are clearly something of a constant, whether filtered through layers of Watteau-esque eroticism or recording the dressing-up of dogs in 'cute' canine outfits.

And then we have Theusner's use of various mediums, with her etching and drawing unusually vivid, her oil painting in general a far weaker link.

Glimpses of Daniel Richter meet James Ensor via Rembrandt, Goya, the 18th century satirical cartoon, Gustave Doré and many references besides. But do Theusner's reinvigorated borrowings add up to an engaging new talent? We're actually inclined to think so.

Added June 2012

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